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Motley Crue and Alice Cooper Do Brisbane

Posted by on May 25, 2015

The Motley Crue and Alice Cooper tour has rolled through Australia over the last two weeks. I went to see them play in Queensland at The Brisbane Entertainment Centre last Tuesday night (19 May).

This was a last minute decision as I bought a cheap ticket on the day of the show. I wasn’t going to go but decided to do this and I am glad that I went as both rock ‘n’ roll bands sounded incredible and had stage shows that blew people away with fire throwers and fireworks.

I saw Motley Crue 10 years ago and thought they were good then but I thought they were better this time around playing all the hits for two hours. Some people have said this band wasn’t any good any more live but I thought they were good and to hear those songs for another time and most likely the last time the band goes around as they are giving up at the end of this world tour was just awesome.

Motley Crue were supported by Alice Cooper and he was brilliant live. I have never seen him live before but have always wanted to. What a stage show he had and his band could all really play. He played all his hits with some newer songs but sounded amazing. I would go and see Alice Cooper again – you should too if you like his music and have never seen him live before.

All in all it was a really cool Tuesday night out for rock fans. Everyone seamed to like the show. Motley Crue ended with all the fireworks and rocking out. Then, just when you thought it was all over they somehow came through the crowd and played their last song on a small stage about 10 feet up in the air right at the back of the venue right near where I was.

Tommy Lea’s drum solo on his strange roller coaster thing up in the air up-side down with him and all his drums strapped in was unforgettable. Definitely something different.

You should get out there and see any live acts/bands either local, national or international that you can, as there is some really great bands/shows around our state happening all the time.

Keep it live, loud and rocking.

David Dean

By the way – I managed to find a video that someone took on the night – the audio isn’t great (as you’d expect when filming a loud live act with a mobile phone, but it gives you a bit of an idea of the pyrotechnics in the show)