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Merry Christmas!

Posted by on Dec 22, 2015

AEROSMITH - WORLD TOUR 2007: A.Le Coq ARENA, Tallinn, Estonia

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone out there including my family and friends as well as my bands/acts that I work with. 

2015 has been a really big year for Hostile Entertainment, Turn Up and David Dean and it has gone so fast.  I can’t believe that it’s Christmas time again. 

2015 has seen me work with some great local and national bands and acts as well as venues and festivals.  I have taken on some new bands and acts as well as had some acts that I have looked after for some time release new singles and albums as well as video clips throughout 2015. 

Have a look at my websites to see who I am looking after at the moment.  Hostile Entertainment has had two new websites this year built by my friend Sean who also looks after my online sites with facebook and others.  I have one website for punters with what shows/comps are going on out there as well as press releases for bands/tours/shows/festivals and another website for the industry and the bands/acts I look after that are always both up-dated with new info/promo on them.  Andrea also built a website for Turn Up in 2015 which will be up-dated in the new year. 

I released a CD sampler for Hostile Entertainment in June with one song each from some of the bands/acts that I look after on it which you can listen to on both my websites and I have plans to release another one with new acts/songs on it in 2016. 

I started doing some videos this year to promote myself, who I am and what I do for both Hostile and Turn Up as well as promoting my shows/events/websites/Facebook pages/email database list which I will be doing more of in the new year and planning to get more traffic to all my online websites.  I am planning to do video interviews with some of the bigger bands/acts that I have coming up in 2016 to put up online. 

I organised two really great conferences/panels for Turn Up  with Eloise, Andrea and Katey in June and October 2015 at The Nambour Civic Centre.  Through these conferences, we are trying to bring the local music industry together to network and work together as well as bring bigger players in the music industry to the Sunshine Coast for peple to meet and to hear them speak about what they have done as well as the future of the music industry.  I have big plans for Turn Up and the conference/panels in 2016, so keep a look out on both the website and Facebook pages for more info. 

I saw some really great bands play live in 2015 including The Foo Fighters, Cold Chisel and AC-DC as well as many local acts and really great international and national acts at BluesFest in Byron Bay over five days in April.  I am going to BluesFest over Easter 2016 and I am looking forward to seeing so many great acts at this festival. 

I also have tickets to see the legendary Black Sabbath in April and I am sure that there will be so many other great tours next year that I will attend. 

Everyone should try to get out and see some live music as there is so many great musos that play every week of the year all around the country including the Sunshine Coast. 

I have trained really hard this year at Anytime Fitness gym that I go to in Nambour and have made some really big improvements and changes to my training.  I have to thank Tanya and Kylie as well as everyone else at this gym for helping me with my trainning and to reach my 2015 goals.  I have made some really great new friends at this gym this year and look forward to training there in 2016. 

I am looking forward to Christmas at my house this year and catching up with my family and friends over this time off.  Let me know what your plans and goals are for 2016 and have a great holiday over the next two weeks. 

Thank you for reading this and see you at a live show in 2016.