Pronounced  Zoo – Brish – eN and not to be confused with Zebra Pushing.

Zubrishen are an Alt-Rock/Heavy Prog act from the Sunshine Coast that formed in 2018. The Band Consists of Honi (Vocals), Rick (Bass), Damian (Drums) & Lucas (Guitar). Their musical style incorporates a blend of Hard Rock, Grunge, Prog, Blues, Soul, Funk and Metal. Influenced by bands such as MuseCOGKornNINFoo FightersRHCPThe Mars Volta & ToolZubrishen are all about pushing the envelope sonically.

 The meaning surrounding the name is as wonderful as the members who make Zubrishen what it is, A synchronicity of events that raise goosebumps upon comprehension. Each member brings an ever fresh clarity for discovery into new sounds and highly energetic performances.

Zubrishen began their journey performing at house parties and open mic nights and have since gone on to play at Glasshouse mountains tavern charity event, Brisbane’s Mojo burning Band competition, Turn up Showcase event at Sol bar which gained the band access to industry professionals and applications to play more shows in the region.

Zubrishen are set to hit the recording studio to record three songs in December 2020 to release this new music in early 2021 and will be sure to continue their rise in the national music scene that so desperately needs to be rejuvenated from recent global events, be sure to check them out.

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