Variety is the Spice of Life:

A night out with The Spirits Blues Band is simply amazing. With strong vocals from all five band members you never know what is coming next; a shuffle or swing with some walking bass and colourful rhythm; some laid back country blues; a hard driving boogie, some Chicago funk or some all original Australian Blues written by the band themselves!

The boys build the night; you can have a “concert” evening with great examples of the vintage dobro masters from Robert Johnson through to harmonica boogies from Howlin’ Wolf or Junior Wells. Or be amazed at the hard driving and very danceable original material that the band has created across the past three decades!

History at a Glance:

Originally formed on the Sunshine Coast in 1986, the original Spirits Blues band was in place by 1988 ready to debut the blues at the 23rd National Folk Festival at Maleny in 1989. Thus was born the “Blues & Roots Stage” at The Maleny Festival which then moved to Woodford Folk Festival which was programmed and managed by the band members for over a decade. 

In 1989 The Spirits started what became a nationally recognised venue for blues music in Australia, The Woombye Pub Blues Club. The band’s first major album “Hard Times” was recorded in 1990 engineered by Mungo Coates and mastered by Malcolm Prendeville. The boys also co-hosted three Tanawha Blues Festivals with The Queensland Folk Federation.

Band Members:

Members of the original Spirts Blues Band are Lewis “Lazyboy” O’neil – rhythm guitar & vocals; Ian “The Big Shot” Wilks – harmonica & vocals, and Greg “The Mean Miss-treater” Lindner – drums & vocals. 

They have been joined by master lead guitarist and dobro extraordinaire Alex McKean; who is a guitar virtuoso in his own right; having been a member of The First Offenders, Wizard Skin and The Summerland Band across the last three decades. Alex plays with emotion and has a solid vocal capability as well.

In a rhythm dominant outfit like The Spirits the bass role is absolutely pivotal to the band’s drive and focus. This role is comfortably performed by Lewis “Junior” Elliott who began playing bass guitar & singing at the age of eight. 

Lewis’ roots are in the blues and although he is a very versatile player with many years of experience, the foundation of his playing style complements the new Spirits lineup; Lewis “Junior’s” funk background absolutely shines!

Expect to be entertained, to dance as much or as little as you like! The Spirits Blues Band deliver great 100% Overproof Australian Blues on every occasion that they perform; a local Queensland outfit that have stood the test of time.

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