Matt Turner is an alternative singer-songwriter currently based in the Northern Rivers, NSW. His music is disarmingly raw and charmingly heartfelt, somehow melancholy and uplifting all at once.

Born and raised by avid music fans and gig-going parents on the southern Gold Coast, Matt caught the music bug early on. He spent most of his younger years having his fingers slapped by rulers on piano before taking to bashing drums and writing angsty, politically driven music in high school punk rock bands.

He is a graduate of the university of hard-knocks, educated through a decade of touring the country in a number of alternative groups, learning a range of instruments over those years and honing his style through countless written songs.

Skip to 2020, Matt is now releasing his music as a solo artist, with the depth of his experience enriching his down-to-earth storytelling into something truly his own; a little edgy, a little too honest at times, powerfully emotional but still clearly a punk at heart. This guy is mystifying audiences and bio writers alike with something difficult to pin down with just a few words.





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