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Flaskas – New Single

Posted by on Jun 27, 2018

New Year’s Eve 2016 saw the birth of Flaskas, debuting as support for Blues & Roots legend Ash Grunwald. When high school buddies Chris Flaskas (solo artist) and Duncan Barker (master percussionist) teamed up to perform Flaskas was born. Soon Soul Bassist Jasper Lambert, and guitarist Clint Dove joined, the Flaskas tribe was complete. ‘Flaskas’ are infectious in the way they command the stage; their unique sound is instantly earthy with a distinctly Australian rhythm. Flaskas’ trademark sound is a re-imagining they call ‘Earth Rock’ – an organic high-power blend of alternative world, coastal roots, funk, folk, blues and Indigenous music utilizing various native instruments. Bringing a real live tribal acoustic sound to the doorstep of your senses, sharing a multi-dimensional & cultural experience that will touch and invigorate your soul.

First making waves in 2014 with his beautifully crafted debut album A New Sun, Chris Flaskas has since risen to prominence, wowing audiences through his thoughtful, philosophical lyrics. Chris has earned the reputation as an intellectual artist imparting spiritual knowledge, a modern thinker with a tribal soul. ‘When the Gold is Gone’ his follow up EP dropped, the following year to critical acclaim, also capturing the attention of Sarah Howells from Triple J’s ‘Roots n’ All’ program. “The people loved it”. Described as ‘A distinct melody bargains with tight guitar riffs to make ‘When the Gold is Gone’ a strangely affecting testament to the simple wisdom of cherishing what you have.’

The ‘Kings of High’ single was then released in 2016. The track described as “Chris Flaskas with all guns blazing… a song you can dance to, sing along with, and just lose yourself to.”

Then the band got together “It has completely reinvigorated my music” Chris Flaskas.

2017 arrived and Flaskas hit their strides, supporting Wild Marmalade, Kallidad & Kooyeh, also sharing the stage with industry legends Boy & Bear, Busby Marou, Tijuana Cartel, Timberwolf and many more. Then the boys stepped it up again, securing spots on the line up of ‘the Sea N Sound Festival, Caloundra Music festival, MM&VA Festival, Horizon Underground Festival, Ocean Street World Festival & the Airlie Beach Music Festival’.

Flaskas are now preparing to release their first full album ‘Kingdom Come’. With the lead single already released, and premiered on “Roots & All” early April, the album is a high powered, technical, yet sonically balanced collection of songs; recorded live to tape the old way by Master producer James Russell at Heliport

Studios. The album also includes guest features from Kate Gadenne from Dubarray and Damian Khourey from Barefoot.