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First Regurgitator Tour for a Long Time…

Posted by on Jun 3, 2015


Cheap imitations… touché.

As the culture industries fall flat faced into a gumption of crumpled sheets and endless repetition… seems like the perfect day to get out of bed and fall into shopping line. After some time away from the store counter, the moment is upon us to tread those well worn boards, dress things up a little with a good few coats of gloss, some lashings of syrup, and then shower the bejesus in golden glory… nothing less than cheap imitations! So without further overblown fanfare or significant take-over bids, let’s rip as much shit out of the ground to fabricate this virtual life and as they say in the current parlance – open for business.

Fresh off the back of an inspiring set in Toowoomba for the First Coat street art event on May 16 – first live performance since late 2013 in Beijing – the guys decided to throw it out there for a quick live power burst in their 22nd season of togetherness. Along with a select run of metropolitan club shows across late August/early September… there are also some performances at the Karratha BEATS IN THE HEAT festival on Saturday 8 August and the not-for-profit Townsville CULTURAL FEST on Saturday 22 August.