Grandmas Basement originated from the Sunshine Coast in the early nineties.  With their humble beginnings, they went on to blaze their own path with a hard and furious live show. Grandma’s Basement produced a following that would see them headline to crowds of over 3000 at The Eumundi Band Bash 94 and share the stage with acts such as Dreamkillers, L7, Regurgitator, Powderfinger, The Meanies, Tumbleweed, The Mark of Cain, Frenzal Rhomb and Def Fx, just to name a few.

The band released its first CD, All Your Weapons, in 1994, recorded by the famed Magoo (Powder Finger/Midnight Oil producer) and was released through Siren Entertainment.  Grandmas Basement also became the entertainment for Quicksilver’s Surf and Snowboard events in Sydney and the OZ snow fields throughout the mid nineties.

With over 300 shows completed in only a few years, the band would spend the next 18 years making very special appearances at private events.  Grandmas Basement was very proud to have a track chosen to be used on the Ma and Pa Bendall DVD – Making Waves.

Grandmas Basement has appeared on a number of the Coastbaked compilation CDs throughout the years and has enjoyed the occasional guest appearance throughout the years around South East Queensland